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Developing Woman’s Civic Leadership

Explore how to develop your leadership skills to impact issues and empower others in the community.

Organizations and individuals working to help organize their neighbors around key issues or around the particular concerns of their community. Women start to develop a team around them.

AAWPI’s State House Fellowship Program trains its participants on issues facing Asian-American communities as well as the nuts and bolts of state government and advocacy.

CPPA develops women’s leadership around issues through organizing work that provides opportunities to increase women’s voice, analytical thinking, organizing skills, and leadership roles in relationship to the broader constituency.

Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts empowers women to exercise their voice and take a seat at the decision-making table to address the problems that affect their lives. N2N recruits members from its communities and develops their skills as activists, organizers and leaders through one-on-one leadership development support, political education and organizing training.

NUBE’s Accountability in Democracy Program encompasses its issue and civic engagement work. Members engage in intentional, sustained and profound civic reform education as well as in creating the conditions to implement participatory accountability structures to hold public institutions accountable.

¿Oiste? focuses state-wide on engaging Latinas committed to social justice and community change. It provides 8-12 week civic education and leadership development programs, such as Latinas Por el Cambio and Despierta, to empower Latinas in low-income communities to lead collaborative issue campaigns that solve community problems. Participants in Latinas Por el Cambio carry out 2-4 month projects after completing the training period.

Leadership Development Spiral
Leadership Development Spiral

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