The Women’s Pipeline for Change is building a sustainable infrastructure to support progressive women of color as they enter, navigate and move up the pipeline of public leadership. We aim to expand public expectations of who our leaders are.

Group photos of women from the Women's Pipeline for Change

The Women's Pipeline for Change envisions a consistent stream of women of color entering public life and leading their communities at all levels, resulting in a vibrant and inclusive political system and sensible policy and budget priorities for children, families and communities.

The Pipeline is a coalition comprised of progressive women of color leaders, women of color-led organizations and allies from various sectors. We have advanced different initiatives to understand, build and support progressive women of color in public leadership that complement current organizations and resources in Massachusetts.

Visit Pathways to Political Leadership for Women of Color to learn more about our first Research Fellowship initiative and the valuable resources available to inform, inspire and support women of color leaders.

Check out our Leadership Development Model for Women of Color to explore leadership resources available in Massachusetts.

Leadership Development Model